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Here at we provide spare tires for vehicle owners who don't have one or need a replacement. Millions of vehicles are produced each year without a physical spare tire on board. Drivers are left with a can of fix-a-flat or a call to a road side assistance program. If you're like others and want a true spare tire solution to keep you safe, then we may have the product for you.

Many vehicles come with bigger brake calipers and wheel sizes for safer driving and performance reasons. All-wheel-drive, traction-control, and anti-lock brake systems also require that all 4 tire diameters stay within close tolerance of each other. Generic donut-style spare wheels don't have the specifications needed to properly fit many of these scenarios.

EZ Spare is a product designed specifically to address these issues by providing high quality aftermarket aluminum spare wheels for temporary use applications. The design allows for space saving temporary spare tires to be used for modern vehicle wheels and brake systems, as well as provide tire diameters to meet tolerances for vehicle safety systems.

You can find out if EZ Spare has a solution for you by selecting your vehicle's year, make, and model.

If you already have a spare wheel and tire for your vehicle but would like to replace the existing tire with a new one, we also provide solutions for replacement spare tires. You can browse these options by selecting your current spare tire size.