Frequently Asked Spare Tire Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked spare tire questions.

The spare tire suggested has a different wheel size than I have, will it still work?

Yes. The wheel size does not determine the tire height, and we've selected the spare tire to be a close match to the OEM tire height. Where the wheel size does come into consideration is when a wheel diameter is too small to clear the brakes or suspension components. However, if we are suggesting a spare tire and wheel for a vehicle, then we have considered this and suggested a solution that is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Will the suggested spare tire fit in the designated spare tire compartment of my vehicle?

We don't know. We currently do not have all the spare tire compartment data to know for sure whether or not the recommended spare will fit in your area. The way to find out is to locate the listed diameter and width of the spare tire on our page for your vehicle, and then measure the area you have to compare. Both height and width need to be taken into consideration. When the tire is put down on its side, the width of the spare tire will be how deep your area needs to be.

Many times, they will not fit. This is in part due to the recommended spares typically being bigger than the small 'donut-style' spares available in the past. Many vehicles come with bigger brake calipers for safer driving and performance reasons. All-wheel-drive, traction-control, and anti-lock brake systems also require that all 4 tire diameters stay within close tolerance of each other. The generic donut-style spare tires don't have the specifications needed to properly fit many of these scenarios.

Where do I put the spare tire if it doesn't fit in my compartment?

In the trunk or rear area of your vehicle. It is highly recommended to use a tie-down strap to secure it in place. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle accident, any lose items can become dangerous flying objects.

What does the spare tire come with? Lug nuts? A carrying case? Jack and wrench for installation?

By default, the spare tire will come with lug nuts and in some cases a centering ring for the hub. There's a carrying bag and two separate jacks available for purchase, one for Cars and one for SUV's. On each of our product pages you will see the bag and jack kits listed at the bottom of the product details under 'Product Accessories'. These links will take you to the EZ Spare website where you can add the items to your cart and complete your checkout.

Why does it say 'Buy Now at EZ Spare'? Why Can't I Buy from

Our current business model is for all purchases to be made directly through EZ Spare. Once you've found your vehicle and recommended spare tire, click the 'Buy Now at EZ Spare' button to be linked to their website where you can add the item to your cart and checkout through them. This provides you with a direct transaction with the manufacturer. They warehouse and ship the products from their location in Georgia and you will have a one-to-one relationship with product and their business. Any questions or problems will be addressed directly through EZ Spare.